Voices of Gratitude

Read the heartbreaking cries of those reaching out to Mifalos Chayim V'Chesed for help.
Hear the gratitude in the words of the community rabbonim and the beneficiaries when they describe the dramatic impact this organization has on the families it helps.
"I tried on the dress in the store, but Mommy said we didn't have the money for it. Then, the Chayim V'Chesed envelope arrived in the mail. I saw Mommy's eyes well up with tears as soon as we noticed in the mailbox. Thank you for my new Pesach dress!"


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"Please support the noble work of Reb Zelig Mendelowitz. Thousands of families are counting on his help..."

Rabbanim of Beit Shemesh

"Last Yom Tov, the meat dish for all our meals was chicken soup. I recycled the small piece of chicken, refilling the pot again with water and some soup mix for each meal. I then took whatever was left of that piece chicken and put into our cholent for Shabbos, hoping to give it some flavor..."

Mother of 6

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"I plead with you; awaken the hearts of our dear brothers from around the world to our difficult plight. Do what you can to help families celebrate Yom Tov with even the most basic essentials..."

Rabbi Moshe Sarik

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"Close to 90% of the Jews in Beit Shemesh live below the poverty line! One father told me that his children haven't tasted chicken since Sukkos. Another man told me that he was glad it was finally warm, because his heat had been turned off for most of the winter..."

Naftuli Steiner

"If you would know how many more families are at the brink, in how many homes the domestic harmony is being destroyed due to unbearable financial strain, I'm afraid you would be unable to sleep at night..."

Yehoshua Zelig Petroff
Rav, Kehillas Bnei Hayeshivos, Beit Shemesh
Yechezkel Elimelch Cohen
Rav, Kehillas Kneh Bosem, Beit Shemesh

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